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Save on Your Summer Energy Bills: Tips From A to Z

By: American Heritage06.02.22 Savings & Budgeting
As the temperature outside starts to rise, so does the cost of keeping your home cool. Typically, electricity rates are higher during the summer due to increased demand, leading to higher summer electric bills. If you want to secure a lower electric bill (without feeling like you’re living in a sauna), check out these 26 energy-saving tips for summer. We’ve got ideas from A to Z!

6 Topics to Discuss Before Your New Grad Moves Back In

By: American Heritage05.19.22 Education
Many young adults are moving back in with parents after graduating. This is mostly for economic reasons; low entry-level salaries and high student loans can make moving back home a necessity while recent graduates gain their financial footing. And thanks to the pandemic and shortage of affordable housing, there are more fledgling adults living with parents than ever.

Need a New Vehicle? Here’s How to Sell Your Car

By: Holly Benedetto05.12.22 Auto
It’s time to upgrade your vehicle to something that better suits your lifestyle and needs, but what’s the best way to get rid of your old car? If it is in good condition, many owners choose to sell their car to put money towards the cost of the next one. Selling a car is not as simple as selling other belongings and requires additional effort and paperwork. In this blog, we break down the process for car owners to pass on the keys.

How to Buy a Home in a Hot Real Estate Market

By: American Heritage05.05.22 Home & Mortgage
A hot real estate market can pose a real challenge for hopeful buyers – especially for those looking to buy their first home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place you love and get your offer accepted. It just takes a combination of patience and fortitude, plus a little homebuying know-how.

7 Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

By: American Heritage04.28.22 Home & Mortgage
Your home is likely your biggest investment – and it’s where you and your family should feel safe, comfortable, and connected. So, whether it’s your forever home or you’re planning to make a move in the near future, you might want to consider some home improvement projects that can deliver value, efficiency, and style.

Teach Your Children These Key Money Skills

By: American Heritage04.06.22 Education
As a parent, you’re responsible for teaching your kids important life lessons. You help them learn their ABCs, how to tie their shoes, and to look both ways before crossing the street. But do you teach them about saving money? Learning how to budget and save responsibly are key skills they’ll need to succeed later in life. In honor of Financial Literacy Month and National Credit Union Youth Month, here are six ways to cultivate smart savings habits as your child grows up.
Blog Get Your Vehicle Spring-Ready

Get Your Vehicle Spring-Ready in 7 Steps

By: Kirstin Wilson03.18.22 Auto
With the warmer months right around the corner, our spring-cleaning list usually includes tasks like decluttering closets, storing away snow supplies, and even organizing finances for the year. One task that should not go overlooked is keeping your vehicle up to date with the season! Getting your vehicle in tip-top shape can save you money down the road and can protect you and your family from preventable hazards.
Blog ATM Safety Tips

ATM Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

By: American Heritage03.09.22 Security
Whether you’re using a stand-alone ATM, one inside a grocery store, or a drive-through ATM, here are some ATM safety tips that can help keep you, your money, and your financial information safe from would-be criminals.
Blog Product Spotlight Personal Loan

Product Spotlight: Personal Loans

By: Holly Benedetto02.17.22 Product Spotlight
Loans have been around for millennia, with records dating back to early Mesopotamian farmers borrowing seeds and livestock and using their yields for repayment. Today, loans remain one of the most classic banking products available due to their simplicity, versatility, and usefulness. A personal loan is a sum of money borrowed from a credit union, bank, or other lender, paid back over a set amount of time in fixed monthly installments, with interest.
Blog 14 Affordable Valentines

14 Affordable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

By: American Heritage02.10.22 Culture
February 14 is Valentine’s Day – the perfect opportunity to celebrate romance and spend quality time with your special someone. But the traditional trappings of the holiday – red roses, fancy restaurants, giant heart-shaped boxes of chocolate – can really add up. In fact, the average American spent over $160 on Valentine’s Day last year. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas that are easier on your wallet, read on!
Blog Buying a Home with an FHA

Buying a Home with an FHA Loan

By: American Heritage02.03.22 Home & Mortgage
If you have limited savings or less-than-perfect credit, the dream of owning your own home may feel out of reach. You’re not alone, but don’t think you’re out of luck either. FHA loans are designed to help people with these challenges achieve the goal of homeownership by providing a mortgage that may work with their financial situation.
Blog Product Spotlight Debt Consolidation

Product Spotlight: Debt Consolidation Solutions

By: Holly Benedetto01.27.22 Product Spotlight
Debt consolidation is a process in which multiple debts are combined into a single payment. Benefits of debt consolidation can range from reducing the number of individual payments to paying less over time with a lower interest rate. There are several ways a borrower can consolidate their debt, and some solutions are more suited to certain debts than others.
Blog 8 Banking Fees

8 Banking Fees You Should Know About (and How To Avoid Them)

By: American Heritage01.06.22 Savings & Budgeting
From monthly checking account fees to surprise ATM surcharges, Americans are paying way too much for their banking. If you’ve ever gotten an unexpected bank charge – or a few of them – you know how it feels. If your New Year’s resolution is to save money, knowing about these eight common banking fees and how to avoid them is a great first step.
Blog Paying Down Debt

Spend Less, Save More, and Get Out of Debt in the New Year

By: American Heritage12.30.21 Savings & Budgeting
Maybe you overdid it with the holiday spending. Between buying presents and traveling to see loved ones, it’s easy to lose track of exactly how much you’re spending. But when you get your January statements and see all your purchases in black and white… ouch. Seeing a lower balance than you’d like in your checking account and a higher credit card bill than you expected can be just the wake-up call you need to take control of your spending.



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