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American Heritage Keeps Growing, Giving Back

By: Capital Analytics Associates05.16.19 Culture
American Heritage Credit Union has made the news many times lately — and the pace of breaking developments is only going to speed up as the esteemed Philadelphia institution continues growing at a rapid clip. Yet the financial institution’s focus will never change a key aspect of its operations, according to CEO and President Bruce K. Foulke.

How to Spend Less Money on Vacation

By: American Heritage05.09.19 Savings & Budgeting
If you’re like most Americans, you probably spend more money than intended when you’re on vacation. But it’s entirely possible to avoid overspending – and still have a great time – if you plan in advance. Whether you’ve booked inexpensive vacations over long weekends or a once-in-a-lifetime overseas extravaganza, our four simple steps to having fun on vacation while spending less are a blueprint for a stress-free time away.

When Should My Child Start Earning Money?

By: American Heritage05.02.19 Savings & Budgeting
When it comes to financial education, earning is learning. Whether your young child is getting an allowance, your 13-year-old makes money walking neighborhood dogs, or your older teen has a lead on an amazing summer job, seek out any opportunity to have meaningful discussions about financial literacy — especially the essential skills of saving, spending, giving, and planning.
Dad and son drilling hole into piece of wood

Home Improvements: DIY or Pay a Pro?

By: American Heritage04.18.19 Home & Mortgage
Most people know, or can learn, how to do some basic home improvements and repairs. But unless you work as a contractor AND have tons of spare time, you probably will not be able to tackle every project yourself. The line between which renovations you can do and which you should pay a professional to do is different for different people, but here are some general guidelines – along with information about the best way to finance your next major home improvements.
person petting dog

How Much Will It Cost to Own Your New Pet?

By: American Heritage04.11.19 Culture
We’re in the height of "kitten season," when rescue shelters fill up with furry faces. It’s a popular time to adopt a cat, dog, or another kind of pet. While the benefits of pets are many, the expenses may be something to growl about. The more you know about the cost of pet ownership, the better prepared you’ll be for everything from initial costs through emergencies.

What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

By: American Heritage04.03.19 Home & Mortgage
Buying a home is a journey – and your real estate agent is your guide. Your agent’s knowledge, skills, and level of support will have a big impact on your homebuying experience, so it is important to have the right person by your side. So who is the best real estate agent for you?
How Credit Unions Serve Their Communities

How Credit Unions Serve Their Communities

By: American Heritage03.28.19 Culture
If you’re looking for a great financial partner that’s also great for your community, local credit unions are the best option. Unlike the big national banks and online-only banks, credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperatives that directly contribute to your hometown.
Certificate vs. MMA

Certificates vs. Money Market Accounts: What’s Right for You?

By: American Heritage03.21.19 Investing & Retirement
A certificate or money market account (MMA) from your local credit union can be a smart, safe way to grow your money faster – and reach your savings goals sooner. Unlike stocks, both account options are federally insured, and they often pay much higher dividends than typical savings accounts. Certificates and MMAs are both good options, but they have some key difference you should know about when deciding which to choose.
Financial Mistakes in 20s

5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

By: American Heritage03.14.19 Savings & Budgeting
Your 20s are a time of discovery. That includes discovering how to make, spend, and save money (and be less dependent on Mom and Dad). But the journey toward understanding your finances can be a bumpy one. Here are five financial mistakes people often make in their 20s and how to avoid them.

13 Tips on How to Decorate Your House on a Budget

By: American Heritage03.12.19 Home & Mortgage
Whether you are a first time home buyer or just want to freshen up your current house, decorating a home can be exciting, inspiring, and often times, expensive. The good news is that if you plan ahead and follow some of our budget-friendly tips, you can continue to pinch your pennies and still turn your house into a Pinterest-worthy home.
Young Couple Building Home

Want to Build Your Dream Home? Here’s What You Should Know First.

By: American Heritage02.28.19 Home & Mortgage
Have you been trying to buy a new home or vacation property, only to see one house after another get snatched up before you can even make an offer? Or, are you unable to find a house that fits your style or needs? Sometimes, to get what you want, you have to do it yourself. But building a house is no easy feat. Here are five things you should know BEFORE you decide to build your dream home.
Buying a Used Car

The Ultimate Used Car Buying Guide

By: American Heritage02.26.19 Auto
Why do we assemble a team of professionals to buy a house and then spend weeks or months agonizing over our decision, but dedicate little more than a Saturday afternoon to buying a car? This guide is meant to help bridge the gap between the seriousness with which we tend to take home buying and car buying.
Woman Shopping in Car Dealership

Car Shopping? Here’s Why a Credit Union Should Be Your First Stop

By: American Heritage02.21.19 Auto
When you buy your next car, truck, or SUV, you’ll probably look for a dealer that’s known to be trustworthy and professional. You should be just as picky about where you apply for an auto loan. After all, interest rates and service quality vary widely from one lender to the next – and you never have to settle for the financing option offered by the dealer. Here’s why an auto loan from your local credit union could be the best way to get behind the wheel.
First Car

First Car 101

By: American Heritage02.19.19 Auto
Completely overwhelmed with the process of buying a new car? This brief article is the perfect place to start.
Boat House Row in Winter

Fun Ways to Save Money in Philadelphia This Winter

By: American Heritage02.15.19 Savings & Budgeting
Did you make a resolution to save more money this year? Spending less is great, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit around at home. Philadelphia is full of exciting, inexpensive things to do – even in the middle of winter. Learn how to save money on your next outing with this guide to upcoming events and local favorites.



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