Independence Debit Card

Our Independence Debit Card provides the ultimate member convenience and security while earning ScoreCard® Rewards. Use the American Heritage Independence Debit Card to withdraw funds from your checking account or to make purchases anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. A Penny A Purchase: American Heritage will donate $.01 to The Kids-N-Hope Foundation for every purchase you make using your American Heritage Debit Card.

A debit card with the protection and benefits of a credit card

Independence Debit Card Checking Account Access

  • No need for a checkbook– simply use your card for an immediate transaction
  • Receive a receipt, just as you would with any credit card transaction
  • Each transaction will appear on your American Heritage monthly checking account statement.
  • Earn ScoreCard® Rewards when you make transactions!
  • A Penny A Purchase: American Heritage will donate $.01 to The Kids-N-Hope Foundation for every purchase you make using your American Heritage Debit Card

Independence Debit Card ATM Access

  • Use at over 30,000 free Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide
  • Unlimited withdrawals with no transaction fee at any American Heritage ATM
  • Unlimited deposits in PA, NJ, DE, and MD
  • Make transfers, get balance inquiries, and make up to 10 withdrawals per month for free at any non-American Heritage ATM.

Debit vs. Credit

  • Choose “Debit” to withdraw cash or to pay for items from your American Heritage account. You will need to enter your Personal Identification number (PIN) to complete the transaction. Debit transactions are limited to $500 per day.
  • Choose “Credit” and the transactions are completed through Mastercard Network and require your signature. Credit transactions are limited only by the amount of funds available in your checking account.

Chip Card Protection

  • EMV Chip Card - All our Independence Debit Cards are installed with the latest in debit card secure technology.
  • MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a FREE service to protect your online transactions. No software download or new card is required – just sign up with MasterCard SecureCode and you automatically benefit from extra authentication procedures!

Contactless Cards

  • Another way to pay in-store
  • contactless cards allow you to tap-and-go for faster and safer transactions.
  • Look for the contactless symbol or for the word TAP when paying for your items at checkout.

Prepaid Cards

  • The safe and secure way to give a gift or travel with your money.
  • Prepaid cards available in denominations from $10 to $1,000
  • Purchase security
  • Lost luggage insurance
  • Free travel and emergency assistance services
  • $2.50 for members

With Independence comes responsibility

Be sure you're on the right track to success now that you've entered the real world.

Easily add a debit card to any American Heritage Checking Account.

Get the security and benefits of using a Mastercard credit card without opening a new line of credit. Add a Independence Debit Card to your wallet today.