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Closeup of person's hands counting cash

The Best Way to Carry and Keep Cash

By: American Heritage11.30.23 Savings & Budgeting
Do people still carry cash? The answer is a resounding YES. While most transactions can be handled with your digital wallet, credit card, or debit card, cash is still useful, especially in an emergency, when digital or card payment options might not be available. As with most things in life, it’s smart to be prepared. Let’s look at how much cash you should have on hand and how to keep it safe.

What Is Small Business Saturday?

By: American Heritage11.22.23 Business Holiday
Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and a vital part of our cultural identity. However, when it comes to holiday shopping, many consumers rely on retail giants, missing out on the opportunity to discover distinctive offerings and invest in their communities. Held each November, Small Business Saturday is a chance for Main Street enterprises to capture a little more yuletide magic and market share. Here’s what small business owners need to know.
Smiling young family looking at candy and Christmas presents

Tips For Keeping Your Money Safe This Holiday Season

By: American Heritage11.16.23 Holiday Security
‘Tis the season to be wary. The holidays are a busy time for shoppers, travelers, and helping hands. Unfortunately, the cold weather months are also when scammers turn up the heat. A recent study found that nearly one in four Americans have fallen prey to fraud during the holidays. In this article, we’ll cover seven costly scams that are currently on the rise and offer a few tips for staying safe.
A man and woman review finances in their kitchen

8 Healthy Financial Habits You Should Develop

By: American Heritage11.09.23 Savings & Budgeting
If you feel overwhelmed by your finances, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly half of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay bills or save for the future. By adopting healthy financial habits, you can help reduce financial stress, increase financial security, and enhance peace of mind. We’ve compiled eight important financial habits that can help you master your money. Try to embrace those that will best fit your needs.

Celebrate National Family Literacy Month

By: American Heritage11.02.23 Education Youth
That’s why promoting family literacy is something we’re passionate about here at American Heritage. Thanks to all our members who have become Book Buddies during our Books for Kids campaigns, we’ve donated over 35,000 to local hospitals, community centers, and shelters. Plus, when November rolls around, we like to celebrate National Family Literacy Month by raising awareness about the importance of reading together and sharing a few fun tips for upping your household’s daily dose of words.
Senior woman and home caregiver together in kitchen

Celebrate International Credit Union Day With Us

By: American Heritage10.19.23 Culture
Join your fellow members of American Heritage Credit Union on Thursday, October 19, 2023, as we celebrate International Credit Union Day and a major milestone. International Credit Union Day (ICU Day) is a chance to highlight the accomplishments and aspirations of the worldwide cooperative banking revolution. Held annually since 1948, this is a banner year.
Closeup of a man's hands while he holds his open wallet

Federally Backed Finances: The NCUA, Credit Unions & You

By: American Heritage10.12.23 Culture Security
When compared to other financial institutions, credit unions are the masters of keeping members’ funds secure and stable. This is due in no small part to the National Credit Union Administration, which regulates credit unions and provides insurance for member deposits. But what exactly does that mean, and how does it compare to the safeguards in place for banks?
A smiling baby reaches toward the camera

What a Baby Costs in the First Year

By: American Heritage10.05.23 Savings & Budgeting
Whether you find out you’re expecting or you get a call from your adoption agency, your first response is probably an instant rush of emotions. That is likely to be followed by a dawning realization of how much needs to be done—and spent—before the baby comes home. Raising a child from a newborn to an adult can cost over $300,000, not including college, according to a Brookings Institution analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Common Scams Targeting Credit Cards

By: American Heritage09.21.23 Security Credit
More than 150 million Americans were victims of credit card fraud last year, according to this's 2023 Credit Card Fraud Report. It’s a serious issue that can impact financial well-being and personal security. Credit card fraud often leads to unauthorized transactions, which may result in financial losses for the victim. Fraudulent activity on credit cards can also negatively affect victims’ credit scores if the unauthorized charges are not resolved promptly. This can make it harder to secure loans or credit in the future and lead to higher interest rates.

How Much Should You Spend on Rent?

By: American Heritage09.14.23 Home & Mortgage Savings & Budgeting
If you’ve checked out rental listings lately, you know that rents are going up, up, up. Demand for apartments has surged, making many markets super competitive. Finding a place to call home at a reasonable price can be challenging. The burning question is: how much of your income should go toward a rent budget?
Teenage boy attaching a corsage to his prom date

Tips for Teens & Parents to Save on Senior Year Expenses

By: American Heritage09.07.23 Education Savings & Budgeting
For many high school students, senior year is an exciting time—and an expensive one. Between car shopping, campus tours, and prom night, there’s a lot going on during the time leading up to graduation. During this transition period to independence and adulthood, it’s essential to build key life skills. Learning how to budget and manage money now will help set students up for a lifetime of financial success.

Your Student Loan Repayment Options

By: Kirstin Wilson08.10.23 Education
The Department of Education’s pause on federal student loans and interest accrual ends September 1, 2023. Payments will start back up in October 2023, so if you haven’t selected a repayment plan yet or are looking to adjust your payments to fit your current circumstances, now is the time to do your research.

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

By: American Heritage08.03.23 Savings & Budgeting
Does this happen to you? You toss out mystery leftovers from the back of the fridge or throw away a half-eaten bulk box of cereal that’s gone stale. Food waste is a bigger problem than most people realize, and when you throw away food, you’re also throwing away money. Want to learn how to waste less and save more? In this article, we’ll show you eight simple ways to reduce your food waste.

Tips to Break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

By: American Heritage07.27.23 Savings & Budgeting
Between the rising cost of groceries, gas, and general life expenses, it can be hard to stay on top of all your bills, let alone get ahead. If you’re struggling to make your money last until your next payday, you’re not alone. This survey found that more Americans than ever are living paycheck to paycheck – including a third of people who make six figures a year.



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