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Young girl smiling with a jar full of coins she earned from working her lemonade stand

How to Support Your Child’s Financial Literacy at All Ages

By: American Heritage04.18.24 Youth
Money talks—are you teaching your kids to listen? April is both Credit Union Youth Month and Financial Literacy Month, so it’s the perfect time to spotlight the importance of teaching your children about money from a young age, fostering financial literacy that will benefit them for life. Here are achievable ways you can support major milestones along your child’s financial journey.

Celebrate National Family Literacy Month

By: American Heritage11.02.23 Education Youth
That’s why promoting family literacy is something we’re passionate about here at American Heritage. Thanks to all our members who have become Book Buddies during our Books for Kids campaigns, we’ve donated over 35,000 to local hospitals, community centers, and shelters. Plus, when November rolls around, we like to celebrate National Family Literacy Month by raising awareness about the importance of reading together and sharing a few fun tips for upping your household’s daily dose of words.



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