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Can You Spot a Phishing Email? We'll Show You How

By: American Heritage10.15.20 Security
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it’s a good time to learn how this common scam works. When you know what phishing emails look like, you’ll be more likely to avoid failing for one – and can prevent the stress and financial harm that these scams cause.

Improve Your Account Security with These Simple Steps

By: Holly Benedetto12.12.19 Security
You have a right to privacy and having your secure information protected from prying eyes. But why is privacy so important? You may think that you have nothing to hide or that your life is not interesting enough to be kept a secret. However, a carefree mentality can lead to identity theft, stolen banking information, unauthorized account access, and more.

4 Strategies to Keep Your Information Safe and Organized in the Digital Age

By: American Heritage12.10.18 Security
At the core of American Heritage’s mission is the commitment to enhance the lives of our members by building trusted relationships. One of the ways we do this is by educating our members on financial news and other potential factors that may impact their financial health. That’s why, we’ve focused the following blog on the very timely news regarding the state of financial security in today’s digital age, along with a few recommended strategies on how our members can keep their information safe.



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