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Don’t Forget These Financial Safety Tips for Travelers

By: Holly Benedetto05.20.21
Blog Don't Forget These Financial Safety Tips for Travelers

You already know to protect your home while traveling, but there are still more precautions to take while on the go. Whether traveling domestically or abroad, your wallet and your smartphone are your lifeline. Defend them both with these key tips to help your trip go as smoothly as possible.


Notify American Heritage of Planned Travel

Set a travel notification on your account to make sure your card won’t be denied for unusual activity. American Heritage uses a Falcon Fraud Protection system that automatically analyzes all debit and credit card transactions. If you receive a Falcon Fraud Alert, that means that the system has detected potentially suspicious activity and needs your confirmation. Falcon can be contacted directly at 855.961.1602.

How to set a travel notification:

  1. Click here to login to Online Teller.
  2. Click on the Card Services tab.
  3. Select Submit a Travel Notification.
  4. Select the cards for which you would like to submit a notification.
  5. Fill in the departure date, return date, and destination.
  6. Click Continue to proceed.

Please note that travel notification requests take 1 day to process, so be sure to submit them in advance. Due to government restrictions and/or patterns of fraud, some locations may have transactions blocked, regardless if a travel notification has been submitted or not.


Download our Mobile Teller App

All of the essentials are right at your fingertips! Check balances, make transfers, pay family and friends, and more with the Mobile Teller App.

Also located within the app are Card Services, which include deactivating a Lost/Stolen Card or changing authorization limits for an extra level of security.

Sign up for eAlerts to be notified whenever your card is used to ensure every transaction is intentional. eAlerts are text or email messages that notify you of account updates of your choosing, such as low balance alerts, debit/credit authorization alerts, and many others.

How to sign up for eAlerts:

  1. Open the Mobile Teller App
  2. Tap Member Service in the menu
  3. Select eAlerts
  4. + Add eAlert to add a new alert or manage existing alerts from the list

eAlerts can also be accessed within Online Teller under the eAlerts tab.

Download our Mobile Teller App from the  Apple App Store or  Google Play Store today!


Limit the Use of Cash

Handle transactions cash-free by using your smart phone’s mobile wallet. With a mobile wallet, you can pay quickly, without having to handle cards or keypads.

Learn how to set up mobile wallet on your phone with our guide, which includes step-by-step instructions for Apple, Android, and Samsung devices. Not sure when or how to use your mobile wallet? Look for these symbols at the register.

Symbols for contactless payment, Apple Pay logo, Google Pay logo, Samsung Pay logo 

Know What to Do if Your Card is Lost or Stolen

Take action quickly to avoid additional setbacks.

If your American Heritage Platinum Credit Card, Cash Reward Card, or Independence Debit Card has been lost or stolen, act quickly to guard against misuse and fraud. We can also help you get a replacement card if yours has broken.

De-activate your card via Online Teller

  1. Click on Online Account Login and log in using your User ID
  2. Go to Member Services and select “Card Services”
  3. Report your lost or stolen card

Call Member Service

During regular business hours: 215.969.0777 or 800.342.0008

24/7 including after business hours: 800.991.4965



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