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Vacation Money Tips for a Safe Trip

By: American Heritage07.03.24
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Summer means vacations—at home or abroad—but managing your finances while traveling can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, a variety of tools and services are available to help you keep track of your finances so you can enjoy a worry-free getaway. We’ll show you how to manage your money, save time, and protect your accounts while you’re away from home.


Before You Leave

A good first step is to have the Mobile Teller banking app on your phone. With this free American Heritage banking app, you get 24/7 account access to all the features of our Online Teller. Using the app, you can easily deposit checks, transfer money, and check your balances wherever you are. You can also submit a travel notification for the dates you’ll be gone in the card control features. This simple step can prevent your transactions from being flagged as fraudulent, making sure you have uninterrupted access to your money.


Account Alerts

Before your trip, consider signing up for eAlerts, which are text or email messages sent to your phone, mobile, or desktop device that let you know about certain account transactions. Messages include direct deposit received, low balance in your account, when checks clear, and more. These alerts are a good way of keeping track of your finances remotely, and they can provide peace of mind when you’re traveling.


Dedicated Travel Debit Card

It’s easy to overspend on vacation. Having a separate, dedicated card for your travels can help you stay within budget and is more secure than carrying cash.  

An American Heritage Visa® Travel Card is a prepaid debit card welcomed at 25 million stores, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses worldwide. The card comes with purchase security, lost luggage insurance, and free travel and emergency services. You can also use it to purchase local currency at any of the millions of ATMs around the globe.


Mobile Wallet

Adding your credit cards to your mobile wallet gives you the convenience of contactless payments. Whether grabbing a quick coffee or paying for souvenirs, a mobile wallet can simplify transactions and reduce the need to carry physical cards.

Automate Your Finances

You don’t want to worry about paying bills when you're traveling. You can set up online bill pay to have the amount automatically deducted from your account. You can also set up automatic transfers to your savings or other accounts so you can keep building your nest egg. These services aren’t just beneficial when you’re away from home. Online bill paying and automatic transfers help simplify your life year-round. If you don’t already have direct deposit for your paycheck, consider signing up for that service so you don’t have to worry about making deposits.


Travel Insurance

Experts generally recommend purchasing travel insurance, which covers unexpected costs like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage and adds an extra layer of protection to your trip.


While You’re Away


Mobile Teller App

The Mobile Teller App is a traveler’s best friend. With it, you can check balances, transfer funds, and locate nearby ATMs or shared branches. This ensures that no matter where you are, managing your finances is just a few taps away.


Shared Branching

Shared branching is a network that allows American Heritage members to access their accounts at thousands of locations nationwide. If you need to perform a transaction or get assistance while away from home, you can find a shared branch close by.



American Heritage’s Video Advisor is another fantastic tool for travelers. This service uses face-to-face video technology to connect members with one of American Heritage’s VANA representatives. You can manage your finances wherever you are, at your convenience, all while staying safe. Whether you need quick balance inquiries, recent transaction details, or directions to the nearest ATM, VANA can assist you on the go.


Contactless Payments

Using your mobile wallet or a tap-to-pay card adds more security to your transactions. Contactless payments are quick and secure and reduce the need to handle cash or physical cards, which is especially helpful in crowded tourist spots.


Card Controls

For your safety and security, you should regularly check your accounts while traveling. The Mobile Teller App makes this easy, allowing you to monitor suspicious activity and catch potential issues early.


Protecting Your Finances While You’re Away


Card Safety

Keep your cards secure by using hotel safes and carrying only what you need each day. Setting up transaction alerts ensures that you are immediately notified of any unauthorized activity.


Lost or Stolen Card

If your card is lost or stolen on vacation, report it immediately. American Heritage offers 24/7 support to help you quickly block the card and arrange a replacement. Knowing these steps can give you peace of mind and minimize disruption to your vacation.


Fraud Protection

Like many credit and debit cards, American Heritage’s fraud monitoring and zero liability policies provide protection against unauthorized transactions. This means you can travel confidently, knowing your financial security is a top priority.


Your Trip Awaits!

With a little preparation, using mobile tools, and taking proactive security measures, you can significantly simplify your finances on vacation. With American Heritage Credit Union’s resources at your fingertips, you can focus on enjoying your time away rather than worrying about money. Download the Mobile Teller app, explore VANA, and contact American Heritage today if you need additional help with your finances.



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