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Participate in National Give Something Away Day with These Tips

By: Holly Benedetto07.15.21

Sometimes we find ourselves no longer in need of the things we keep around the house. Gently used or good condition items can find life in a new home — a much more environmentally friendly solution than ending up in the trash. Before you reach for the online marketplace, consider the value of giving the item away for free. This simple action can create a large positive impact on interpersonal relationships and your surrounding community.

National Give Something Away Day has been recognized annually on July 15th since its grassroots founding in 2015. It was created to encourage giving in all forms, from the arts to religious donation and more.


Organize Places Prone to Clutter

Where is the “problem area” in your home? Does your coat closet overflow with new additions each year or do you buy nonperishable food items in bulk and frequently have excess? These are ideal places to begin. Other clutter-collectors include:


  • Closets: clothes, coats, shoes, bags
  • Garage: spare furniture, general storage, sports equipment
  • Kitchen: pantry items, nonperishables, small appliances
  • Recreation: bookshelves, hobbies, playrooms
  • Linen closets: towels, blankets

Which location you tackle will determine your donation recipient. Friends or family have more forgiving thresholds for accepting donations, as opposed to a local food pantry or shelter, which have rules in place to ensure donation quality and protect donation recipients.


Plan Where You’ll Donate

So you’ve decided which items could use a second chance. Where do they go now?

Giving to family and friends is relatively straightforward. Even if they do not take the items themselves, they may know someone who will or have connections to an organization in need. There are also community groups on social media that people use to offer up items, then coordinate pickup or drop off via direct message.


  • Homeless shelters
  • Animal shelters
  • Food pantries
  • Schools, after-school centers, daycare
  • Nursing homes
  • Libraries
  • Specialized charities

If you aren’t sure which charitable organization donation centers are near you, searching the internet for “donation center near me” or “donations drop off” will point you in the right direction! For larger donations, like furniture, or specialized ones like bicycles or exercise equipment, make sure to call your charity of choice and verify that they accept those items.

Want to learn more about a foundation you’re interested in? Charity Navigator offers tools like ratings, top ten lists, and other useful information to learn about different charitable organizations.


Give Away Your Time

If your home has been recently decluttered or there are no people or places able to accept your items, but you still want to give, you can always give the gift of your time. Volunteer at a charity event or host an event for a cause that means something to you.

The Kids-N-Hope Foundation hosts multiple charity events each year, providing plenty of opportunities for interested volunteers to get involved. The Kids-N-Hope Foundation raises money to support the Music Therapy Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and provides financial support to other local area hospitals. Register today to stay active with the Spokes for Hope week long fundraiser or donate a book or your time to the Books for Kids Program.


No matter what kind of giving you’re interested in doing this National Give Something Away Day, choose something that makes a difference. The day is about the spirit of giving and enhancing the lives of others, so pass on the good feeling and spread happiness!



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