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Mother's Day Ideas on a Budget

By: Holly Benedetto04.29.21
A mother and daughter embrace, holding sunflowers

After a challenging year, society has learned the value in appreciating our loved ones for all that they do for us. While we slowly emerge from the effects of the shutdown, many wish to keep their activities safe and low budget. Luckily, there is no wrong way to celebrate Mother’s Day, and there are as many unique ways to celebrate as there are mother figures to be celebrated.

Try these simple, meaningful gift ideas for an extra special Mother’s Day.


For the Nurturer: A Trip to the Garden Center

Spend quality time together picking out, planting, and caring for your own shared garden. Many studies show that being surrounded by greenery is beneficial for wellness, including stress relief. Whether you choose to grow vegetables or flowers, gardening is a great activity for the whole family. Taking care of garden chores like watering and weeding are great favors for later, too.


For the Always-On-The-Go: Activities

As restaurants and events increase their occupancy limits, one of the best places to be is still the great outdoors. Picnic, exercise, read, or just spend time walking in nature enjoying the fresh air. Previously indoor-only events like group classes started offering outdoor classes during the pandemic and have kept that option as the weather warms. A day at the beach or park can be a fun getaway that doesn’t require traveling too far or making concrete reservations.


For the Hard Worker: Relaxation

Show how much you appreciate your hardworking loved one by providing a chance to escape. A gift basket full of favorites like tea, snacks, self-care products, and spa accessories makes for a solid foundation. For a finishing touch, add in personal touches, like a new book or list of streaming recommendations.

If cozy nights in aren’t the preferred way to relax, mindfulness tools like a yoga mat or a subscription to a meditation app are reliable alternatives.


For the Sentimental: A Journal and Scrapbook

Celebrating memories and milestones is a time-honored tradition. Spend time walking down memory lane with your loved one and create a handmade memento for generations to come. These gifts keep on giving whenever you reminisce and add to them, meaning this can be a Mother’s Day practice for years.

In the era of digital photography, physical photo albums may not be top of mind. Journaling provides a similar artistic outlet that still ends up with a keepsake at the end. For extra inspiration, themed journals help keep the writer on track with prompts or fill-in-the-blanks.


For the IOU: A Catch-All Gift Card

There’s no shame in admitting that mother knows best – including for her own day. Gift cards, whether for a favorite restaurant, salon, retail store, or digital service, are the perfect low-maintenance surprise. If a gift card alone feels too impersonal, try including it inside a handwritten letter, or purchase a certificate to a place that you can use together. Use the flexibility of a gift card to plan a future outing that will already be pre-paid in advance.


No matter how you decide to treat your loved one this Mother’s Day, the most important piece is to remember the reason for the day. We thank all of our members and celebrate this special day with them. 



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