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Things to Do in Summer 2020

By: Holly Benedetto06.18.20

So, this summer isn’t going exactly the way you could have expected. Maybe your plans have changed, trips and events have been canceled, and now the point of the season seems lost. Still, there are ways to spend the warmer months making memories and having fun, even if things feel a little unconventional! Here are 5 ideas for how to stay busy this summer:


 1. Pick up a new hobby or return to an old one

See what supplies you have lying around the house or give online ordering a try. Activities come in many forms, and just because you didn’t enjoy painting or yoga doesn’t mean you aren’t an artist or athlete! Introductory hobby kits are available all over, but not every hobby comes with an entry fee. Free or low-cost hobbies, like writing, learning a new language, or performing magic tricks are easy to get into and provide great social opportunities that you can share even at a socially-distanced gathering.

Aging and entering new phases of life can take time away that we used to use for our passions. If you haven’t practiced piano or dusted off your old baseball card collection in years, return to your roots and relive some old memories. You might find that it’s like you never stopped, and your passion for former hobbies may be reignited. Just remember to make time to keep up with your hobbies, new or old, once your schedule returns back to normal.


2. Tackle home projects and to-dos

Now is as good of a time as any to finally tighten those leaky faucets or touch up that paint you’ve kept ignoring. Catching up on maintenance around the house will provide a great sense of accomplishment and extend the longevity of your living space. The sooner these tasks are done, the more time you can spend knowing that you won’t have to repeat these chores for a while!

If you’ve already exhausted your list and are still itching for a change in your environment, DIY projects are a great way to put your own handiness to use while saving money. The internet is full of great ideas and accompanying guides to help you achieve your goal, with the satisfaction of knowing that you created something with your own two hands.


3. Start a garden

Because they’re mostly outdoor, garden centers and nurseries have remained open for business, with a growing online industry to match. More time at home during the pleasant months have led many to the soil for fulfillment and fun. Improve your home’s curb appeal, surround yourself with flowers that attract beneficial pollinators, or try your hand at growing your own produce with introductory vegetables like tomatoes or peas. Your time in the garden may offer a much-needed mental break and a golden opportunity for family bonding, too.

No yard? No problem! House plants have been proven to make us happier and more productive and there are plenty of low-maintenance indoor plants that are a great gateway into the hobby. Just make sure that any plants you grow, indoors or out, are safe for your furry family members.


4. Spend some time in the great outdoors

There are still ways to get out of the house while remaining responsible and safe. Find your closest local nature preserves, hiking trails, bike paths, beaches, campgrounds, and parks, or just plan a route around the neighborhood.

Remember to read up on the safety guidelines for the location you plan to visit. Some places may be limiting admission or require visitors to remain a set distance apart while on the grounds. These locations may be more crowded than usual this time of year, so you may need to call ahead or review the updated operating hours.


5. Plan a stay-cation

Cabin fever is at an all-time high for many, especially those working from home. Don’t skip your annual vacation just because you believe there is nowhere to go – during times of increased stress, it’s more important than ever for us to take time to recharge. Respect your own boundaries and don’t push yourself further than you would in other circumstances.

A stay-cation doesn’t mean you have to recreate your favorite family theme park in your living room. Logging off to spend time practicing hobbies or gloriously “doing nothing” can be just as rejuvenating as a stay in a 5-star hotel. Treat your time off just as you would during any other vacation; if that means silencing calls or treating yourself to an impulse souvenir, so be it!


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At American Heritage, we recognize that not everyone may be able to afford to take time off or set extra funds aside during these times. For more information on what resources are available to you, please contact us.




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