Buying a Car

What to consider when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

Is your current vehicle on borrowed time? In need of a car that can accommodate a growing family? Ready to splurge on your dream ride? Do your homework before you go to the dealership.

Plan ahead before you shop.

  • Prepare and refine your wish list of vehicle features
  • Figure out how much you are comfortable spending on a monthly car payment and commit to a price point that you are not willing to go above
  • Apply for a free pre-approval so you know how much you may be eligible to borrow (this can also give you some added leverage when negotiating at a dealership)
  • Take advantage of our CUDL AutoSmart service for added shopping convenience

Prepare for additional expenses.

  • Be ready to cover costs for the vehicle’s registration and inspection
  • Adjust your budget to accommodate more frequent fill-ups if your new vehicle will be less fuel efficient
  • Consider the costs of vehicle insurance, including GAP Advantage and MBP options

Ready to take the wheel?

American Heritage offers members a variety of products and services to get them in their new vehicle including low rates loans, discounted auto insurance and warranties, and much more!