For all new accounts opened at our Ann’s Choice Branch between Now and March 31st, American Heritage will donate $15 to the Ann’s Choice Benevolent Care Fund.*

Welcome Ann's Choice Residents!

We can't wait to serve you!

American Heritage is pleased to have the opportunity to serve the residents and staff of Ann's Choice with the opening of our new branch right in the Village Neighborhood in August 2021. American Heritage is a credit union, not a bank. Since we provide all of the same services and conveniences as a bank, take a closer look at what makes us different – and better!  American Heritage will never be a faceless, business-first organization. We are a community of members. We live and work together. We are family and we are excited to welcome you to ours.

Below you'll find important information about how to open an account, American Heritage Services, FAQ's, upcoming events and more! If you would like to learn about the new branch that is opening in the Village Neighborhood in August 2021, please click here!

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Opening an American Heritage Account is easy!

We are excited for you to join the family! There are two easy ways to open your American Heritage account:

Schedule a Meeting to Open An Account!


What documents are needed to open you account

You will need to prepare the following documents/information to open your account:

  • Government issued ID such as your Driver's License, State ID, Passport, etc. with your current address
  • Your complete physical mailing address 
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
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Meet VANA!

You can receive the personalized American Heritage experience right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer! Meet VANA (Video Advisor Network Associates), our Video Advisor service that provides members with a virtual face-to-face experience. The new service allows members to manage their finances wherever they are, at their convenience, all while staying safe. And, if you have a family member who is a joint accountholder, he or she can easily access our American Heritage associates with you, from anywhere!

Perform all these essential account activities and more with our live video chat feature:

  • Become a member
  • Set up a new account
  • Apply for a loan or credit card
  • Check loan application status
  • Check mortgage rates and apply
  • Electronically sign documents
  • Learn about and set up our other eServices


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Important FAQ for your convenience

We understand you might have questions, which is why we created this helpful FAQ! Important questions that many residences may have are addressed in this document. If you have additional questions, we invite you to call as at 484.644.3438When viewing the reports, we recommend using Chrome or Safari. 


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Information about Town Hall and Neighborhood Events

We are committed to ensuring that you are completely informed about not only American Heritage, but also the branch transitioning process. This is why we are hosting the following events for you to attend, ask questions, and learn about how easy it is to join American Heritage and open your new accounts:

  • Sign Up Event - Tuesday, August 3rd (10:00 AM-2:00 PM)
  • Sign Up Event - Wednesday, August 4th (10:00 AM-2:00 PM)
  • Sign Up Event - Tuesday, August 10th (10:00 AM-2:00 PM)
  • Sign Up Event - Wednesday, August 11th (10:00 AM-2:00 PM)

Want to learn more about American Heritage?

We are excited to offer you unlimited benefits that come along with your American Heritage Membership. Learn more about what makes American Heritage different.
*Offer vaild for new Share Accounts opened at the Ann’s Choice Branch from now thru March 31, 2022. Minimum balance of $15 required. One donation of $15 made by American Heritage will be given to the Ann’s Choice Benevolent Care Fund per primary share account in good standing. Limit one per member. Ask for details.