Government Employee Furlough Assistance Hotline

Affected by the Federal Government Furlough?

We understand that many of our valued members have been affected by the recent Federal Government furlough.  As your Credit Union, American Heritage is here to help.  We are ready to offer financial assistance to our members who are furloughed Federal employees.

If you are affected by the shutdown and need financial assistance, we encourage you to contact our Government Employee Furlough Assistance hotline at 215.992.0225. We have several financial assistance programs for Eligible Members. 

  • We can waive any early withdrawal penalties on Certificates during the furlough period
  • We can provide refunds on overdraft and insufficient funds fees
  • We can refund late fees on certain American Heritage loans
  • If you have a loan with American Heritage, you may qualify to skip your January 2019 payment as well
  • Life Line Loans – Three-month term with 0.0% APR* and first payment is due in 90 days

During this challenging furlough, American Heritage is ready to assist our members who have been affected.  Our members are our family, and during this period, we are ready to assist you.  And, we encourage your affected co-workers to contact us as well.  

If you are affected and need assistance, please contact our Government Employee Furlough Assistance hotline at 215.992.0225.



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* Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The loan repayment term is 90 days. Maximum amount of loan will equal the federal employee’s regular, net paycheck amount.  The Life Line Loan will become available on Monday, January 14, 2019, for American Heritage members whose paychecks are affected by the furlough.  This is a limited time offer for those meeting eligibility requirement, and is subject to change without prior notice.