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How To Make Save, Share, Spend Jars

Step 1:

Find three of the same sized containers to start.

Step 2:

Cut out the 3 labels from the paper. Glue your labels on the container by labeling one container "Save," another container "Spend," and the last container "Share."

Step 3:

Get creative and decorate your containers however you like! Add some stickers or even paint and color them.

Step 4:

Have a parent help you cut a slit in the middle of each of the lids to put your money in. Put the lids back onto your containers. Your containers are now complete! When you earn money you can split it into each jar to Save for a toy you want, Spend on treats you want now and Share with others who need it! Print these instructions out and share them with your friends!

Save Share Spend Jars

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