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Online Teller SecureNow FAQ

Protect your account with new safety features.

On September 16, 2020, our Online Teller home banking solution will be receivied a security enhancement. This upgrade, called SecureNow, introduces multi-factor authentication to the login process. You may be familiar with using a code when logging into other services such as email. The account's current phone number or email address on file can be changed by submitting an Account Maintenance Request Form.

To learn more about SecureNow and who it will impact, continue reading. For additional assistance, please refer to our step by step guide.

Am I affected by the September 16, 2020 changes?

All members who are registered with Online Teller, our home banking platform, will have their accounts enhanced with SecureNow.

What is SecureNow?

SecureNow is a centralized, real-time cybersecurity platform that integrates multifactor and device-based authentication with behavioral analytics for added member account security.

Why is American Heritage implementing SecureNow?

As digital security evolves, it has become an industry best practice to validate a user’s identity with more than a user ID and password before granting account access. By expanding our security, we aim to mitigate risk that our members may encounter.

What changes will I see on September 16, 2020?

Your Personal Image and Phrase will no longer be utilized. Upon first sign-in, the system will ask for a confirmation code with each unique device to validate identity. Members will also need to create a new set of Security Questions and Answers.

Will I need to update my password?

Your current username and password will not change and continue to work after the SecureNow upgrade.

What phone numbers will be used to send the confirmation code and verify my identity?

All phone numbers attached to the primary account holder will be able to receive a confirmation code through Text or automated Voice Call.

How can I update my contact information?

From within Online Teller, proceed to ‘Member Service’ from the menu and select 'Change Personal Information/Address'. Additionally, a form can be found on our main website in the Member Services page, under the ‘Account Maintenance Request Forms’ section. 

What is the confirmation code process?

This multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security during sign-in. Members will need to enter a confirmation code, sent to via text/SMS message or voice call, to sign in when a challenge or threat is recognized. After device registration, SecureNow then reviews device reputation and analyzes real-time information to reduce risk.

Will I need to verify my identity every time I sign in?

Every new device, such as a computer, tablet, or phone, will go through the confirmation code process at sign in after September 16, 2020. After each device registration, Identity Verification will prompt when unusual sign-in behavior has taken place. Risk assessment can be based on account access frequency, history, and place.

Who can I contact if I have any issues logging into Online Teller?

If you require assistance, any of our branches can assist with Online Teller. Additionally, members can contact us at 215.969.0777 for additional questions and assistance.