Getting Married

Financially prepare for your happily ever after.

Before the vows are made and rings are exchanged, talk with your soon-to-be spouse about what is realistic to spend on the big day and how you will coordinate finances going forward. While money-related conversations aren't as glamorous as wedding day details, they're important to have ahead of time.

Paying for the Big Day

As exciting as your wedding day will be, it is just that – a day. Be mindful of how much you want to commit financially to the event.

  • Set a realistic budget that you are both comfortable with
  • Know how others will be contributing financially to the celebration
  • Prioritize your expenses
  • Determine where you are willing to settle for more affordable options

Subtle Wedding Day Expenses to Remember

It's easy to budget for bigger ticket items like your venue or dress, but remember that seemingly smaller expenses can add up quickly.

  • Tips for vendors, hair and makeup artists, musical entertainment, etc.
  • Delivery fees for flowers, rental supplies, etc.
  • Postage for invites and RSVP return envelopes
  • Dress alterations
  • Up charges for extended timeframes, cake cutting, upgraded furniture or table dressings, etc.

Plan for Your Post-Wedding Financial Future

What will getting married mean for your money-management style? To get the conversation started with your significant other, answer the following questions together:

  • Will we be opening a joint account or keeping our finances separate?
  • What debts are you currently paying?
  • Who will be paying for what?

Ready to Say "I Do"?

Whether you need help financing an engagement ring, wedding dress, dream venue, or simply paying the caterer, we are here to help! An American Heritage Personal Loan is the perfect tool to start.