ATM/Debit Card

Get cash and make purchases with your American Heritage Independence DebitCard.

Get surcharge-free access to the cash in your checking account, and make purchases at any merchant that accepts a debit card. Protect your transactions by registering for American Heritage Payment Card Protection.

Independence Debit Card


  • Earn ScoreCard Reward Point with every purchase. With every $2, you earn 1 ScoreCard Reward Point that you can use on travel rewards, name brand merchandise, jewelry, and much more!
  • For Access to 30,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs
  • A Penny A Purchase: American Heritage will donate $.01 to The Kids-N-Hope Foundation for every purchase you make using your American Heritage Debit Card

What You Can Use It For:

  • For Cash
  • For Purchases

Enjoy 10 FREE uses of non-American Heritage ATMs per month and unlimited uses at any American Heritage ATM.

Enjoy the convenience of having your cash when you need it!

Gain financial independence with our Independence Debit Card.

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