Managing Your Money in Difficult Times

By: American Heritage
Even in the face of an economic recession, there are some practical steps you can take now to help boost your financial security and feel better prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.
A family of four sits on the couch holding a piggy bank

Spending More Time at Home? Use it to Teach Your Kids About Money

By: American Heritage
April is National Financial Literacy Month and National Credit Union Youth Month, so it’s a great time to increase your child’s financial literacy. And doing so doesn’t have to be boring: There are lots of ways to make learning about spending, saving, and borrowing fun and interesting for kids of all ages.
Member using the PAT machine

Making PAT Part of Your New Routine

By: Holly Benedetto
We know that times are different and you may not be seeing your favorite tellers in the lobby as often. Our routines have been shifted as we're presented with alternative ways to handle our finances. There are options for how you would like to perform your transaction, and whether you visit in person, online, or in the drive-thru, there are a variety of ways to accomplish your goal. Plus, even your options have options! Our PAT (Personal Automated Teller) machines are available in branches and in the drive-thru and provide a quick alternative to waiting in line.

Know Your COVID-19 Resources

By: Holly Benedetto
Life as we were used to it has changed drastically all across the world over the last several months. For some, these changes may feel sudden, as the public opinion and government reaction to it seem to have shifted overnight. Just over two weeks ago, on March 11, 2020, COVID-19 was officially characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Preparing for Your Next Home

By: Holly Benedetto
Buying and selling a home at the same time can make things complicated. Many variables must work together to create a seamless transaction and it takes a dedicated team to make this happen. You’ve identified your pain points with your current home and are ready to move on to the next phase of homeownership. Before you can buy, however, you have a home of your own to sell.